Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Does Timing Meals and Fasting Work for Weightloss?

Does timing meals and fasting work? There is no conclusive answer yet and the jury is still out. There may be some benefits but no scientific results. Most of it has been from individuals who have tried it and claim they have lost weight.

How does it work?

Only eat during a 12 hour period and leave the other 12 hour period for not eating. It is believed that your body needs this time to adjust to not having food and without it we put our cicadian rhythm out of wack. We weren't designed to eat all the time. 

That we can agree with and it makes sense. 

However, the biggest benefit may simply be less calories being imputed into your body. Think about it. If you are eating when you feel hungry for 12 hours versus 18 hours that means you have less calories to burn off. 

This depends on your goals. 

If your hitting the gym and working out alot you would have to shove a lot of food in your mouth during that 12 hours to build muscle. However, if you are the average "Joe" who lives a sedentary life this may actually help out. 

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