Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Personal Attributes and Skill Needs of Marketing Graduates

Getting that degree and jumping into the next position may be difficult without the right kind of skills and personal attributes that appeal to employers. Higher education is partly about developing the whole person so they can be an active and engaged individuals in the workplace and society. Research helps us understand what employers are looking for from marketing graduates.

A study in the Journal of Marketing Intelligence & Planning help shed light on this issue.

Half of 250 employer recruitment profiles required a degree and 1/4 required a marketing degree (Wellman, 2010). However, experience was required. Skills needed were communications, interpersonal relationships, information and communications technology, planning, self‐management, decision making and problem solving. Personal attributes included creativity, responsibility, initiative, determination and confidence.

This study helps us understand that there are some skills that apply to many different types of areas. While marketing will teach you the specifics you need to function in your job most entry level positions will require that certain skills and personal attributes are developed. Employers are looking at the whole person. 

Wellman, N. (2010). The employability attributes required of new marketing graduates. Market Intelligence & Planning, 28 (7). 

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