Sunday, August 21, 2016

Using Entertainment and Events to Market to Customers

Entertainment and events draw customers and put them into the seats of your business. If done well it provides an opportunity to either draw new customers or retain existing customers. In organizations that want to use events for marketing they should look at drawing new customers, alignment of events to core offerings, and where these events are marketed.

Strong events are aligned to the existing customer base of the business. Events that attract the wrong, or misaligned, customer than that which is likely to purchase products/services in the long run is a waste of time and effort. Aloha events for resorts and food events for restaurants seem to make sense.

Appropriately targeted new customers have an opportunity to frequent the business and make additional purchases. As a bonus, they might even become long-term customers if they had a positive experience and want to experience it again.

Where these events are marketed is also important. While posting flyers on the door might do well with existing customers it may not do so well attracting new customers. The business website, social event sites, and your local newspaper seem to work well.

Events should draw new customers, retain existing customers and enhance the brand of the business. Doing this well keeps the establishment fresh and attractive to customers. Purchases often go up during these times and social medial posts increase the word-of-mouth marketing of the business.

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