Saturday, August 20, 2016

What Healthy Foods Should Restaurants Offer?

Eat fresh and eat healthy. Natural and organic food is part of America's palate and is increasing in demand. Restaurants that offer fresh and healthy foods catering to a crowd that seeks healthy options when compared to the high fat and high processed foods we have become accustomed to. What to provide is an important question?

Common offerings are fresh fish, salads, soups and detox foods like spinach. These meals are often easy to provide because there isn't a lot of prep time associated with them. Having a few of these items on the menu creates more interest among the healthy younger crowd.

We know that popular dishes like french fries, pasta, and other fried foods will be around for a long time. However, people are becoming more health conscious and establishments that don't take into consideration a large segment of the population that wants healthy options.

Some favorite foods can be slightly adjusted to make them more appealing to a larger crowd. For example, I had calamari strips as an appetizer and was pleasantly surprised they were grilled and not fried. The end result was a better tasting product that became a house favorite.

For most establishments, the change is a switch in product and processing method. The results are significant as the brand of the restaurant slowly changes into a more popular venue. Younger and more educated individuals set this trendy tone and if you can appeal to them your business will pick up.

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