Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 San Diego Polo Open

2016 Sunday Polo open brought a crowd to their field as the horses lined up and faced off with hooves pawing in the dirt in anticipation of a great game. Sponsored by Tesla, Sunrun and Home Start. The first match started 1:00 pm, divot stomp at 2:00 pm and featured polo match at 3:00 pm.

The weather was mild and smell of fresh cut green grass permeated the air. Located in Del Mar the flow of field, food, and fun kept the guests entertained as the ponies made their way across the field.

VIP and non-VIP sections were available. Food trucks, wine, umbrella sitting and music enhanced the atmospheres. Groups of friends found ample room to sit around the tables, chat, and watch the matches. A good way to spend some time on Sunday.

Polo in San Diego started in 1906 when John D. Spreckels, an entreprenuer, imported British Lords to play against military officers. Over the decades its has declined but has made a resurgence as a trendy social event that draws interested crowds of young and old.

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