Sunday, August 28, 2016

Three Little P's that Can Help Your Career

Sophistication comes through simplicity. Careers are life-long pursuits to find meaning and contribution. We forget much of the career rules, requirements and advice we receive over the years from mentors, family and friends. At its root enhancing your career is pretty easy to remember with three Little P's of Career Development.

Personality: Personality is relatively stable over time is part of what makes you who. Your emotional intelligence and ability to interact with others will make a big difference in your career.

Persistence: The ability to keep learning and showing consistent performance.   Employers want to know that you can consistently get things. True performance is long-lasting.

Perception:  Perception of yourself and perception by others. You must believe in your ability to achieve as well as help others to believe in your ability as well. Sometimes this is outward perception and at other times it is internal perception.

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