Sunday, August 28, 2016

Manager as the Essential People Person

The manager is the essential people person who has the capacity to coach, encourage, and draw together teams based on his or her people skills. After earning his title from years of diligent work, the manage must now impart his wisdom onto others.

The managers job is based in the ability to manage multiple personalities and redirect their thinking toward quantifiable and qualitative goals. His charisma is essential to his, and his departments measurable and perceived success.

The manager will need to coach and counsel his employees to greater success. Where they fail by either lack of skill or lack of  diligence he will impart his knowledge. A teacher and scholar at heart.

When times get tough he will seek to help his team reflect, regroup, and eventually conquer their challenges. A supporter, critic and shaman all together. He pushes his employees to be better than they thought they could. He is ever seeking excellence!

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