Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hiking for Healthy Work-Life Balance

Hiking is an enjoyable practice that helps balance out one's life in a way that encourages greater care over our environment and our health. In many cases you can turn these hikes into events for friends or personal reflection time. The beauty of such activities is that they cost you nothing, improve your health, and can be adjusted for your very own skill levels.

 Recently, I went up Torrey Pines near La Jolla California with a friend. It is a relatively easy hike that affords well worn pathways and breathtaking views. At the very top is a museum you can go into to learn about the park and the animals that live there. The hike is easy and situated right on the ocean so you can spend a lot of time surfing, hiking, or just lounging.

 I personally like something a little more challenging but going up the hill does get your heart rate moving and does offer a good workout. An hour of hiking burns between 300 and 600 calories depending on the rigorous nature of the hike. It is one of the more popular methods of getting in shape and offers practical fun.

 You will want to make sure you have good hiking shoes with a little bit of a grip. In some places your standard hiking tennis type shoe will work while other places require a harder bottom with leather tops in order to get into crevices to climb. Drink some water before you go and bring a bottle. Stretch your muscles and take your time if you feel tired.

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