Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Emergent Transformational Leadership-Battlefield to Business

Leadership is such a critical aspect of team success that without it they will ultimately fail. Companies spend millions a year selecting, grooming and developing leaders. Organizations that seek to transform their operations should keep an eye out for transformational leadership that can adjust and change to new environments. Whether one is seeking a business executive or the next military officer understanding emergent transformational leadership as it works in live situations is beneficial for recruitment.

Groups, regardless of type, will eventually form a command structure. It is one of the most natural occurrences in both civilized and uncivilized society. The kind of leadership, poor or high, will determine the values of the group and how well it performs under pressure. Whether discussing business or the military, ensuring the right type of leaders makes their way forward helps in developing high functioning teams.

Research into military teams highlights how transformational grassroots military leadership emerges from within the ranks when times are tough. Traits of emergent transformational leadership includes: visionary, leads by example, empowering others, sincerity of purpose, moral value system, genuine car for others, compassion, self-sacrificing, and self-efficacy (Bangari & Singh, 2014).

The confident but compassionate leader runs contrary to cultural fallacies that believe effective leadership is a domination game only. Transformational leaders create followers where power oriented leaders rely too heavily on formal position or fear that limits loyalty. Having the “golden touch” with others will still being driven toward goals seems to make a significant difference in outcomes.

Selecting and fostering leadership in business and military occupations is important because they can inspire followers to raise their performance to accomplish objectives above and beyond themselves. Ensuring that the people with the right characteristics are brought forward and develop a sense of responsibility for others helps in solidifying social bonds and promotes loyalty.

Bangari, R. & Sngh, V. (2014). Establishing a framework of transformational grassroots military leadership: lessons from high-intensity, high-risk operational environments. The Journal for Decision Makers, 39 (3).

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