Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Advantages of English as an International Language

English is the language of business and offers unique advantages for international commerce and business education. As a communication medium, the ability to share ideas and conduct transactions across multiple continents helps speed up trade and idea sharing that often leads to wealth generation. The building of international relevance in the business world is fostered by connecting people and their ideas.

Consider the purpose of communication and its impact on the transference of information. When two people share similarities of a language, they need fewer feedback loops to understanding the conversation. Using the same language lowers the time it takes to propose and clarify propositions within daily interactions. This process of knowledge sharing speeds up exponentially and can increase the profitability that people will enhance knowledge.

American companies have an advantage because of the commonality English as a business language (Cavaliere, Glasscock, & Sen, 2014). The more English is used around the world, and the more likely the U.S will be advantaged from present and future business contracts. International commerce becomes more plausible when two companies can communicate and integrate easily. A similarity of language can create similarity of thought and purpose.

Language is embedded with codes, symbols, patterns of thinking and values. When a particular language is spoken in different cultures and locations, the people’s culture will begin to align with the values of that language. The more the people speak a particular language, the more they are going to find similarities with others who speak that language.

In the education arena, opportunities for employment in English speaking companies support English education.  English as a business language ensures that the majority of the great ideas and opportunities are supported by using the mental framework set out by the semantic structure of the language itself. Language changes the way we think and understand problems.

Using English as an international business language also helps in educating and employing individuals with American businesses. Graduating students will associate opportunity and education with English speaking companies. The eventual result is the attraction of talent to an opportunity like a magnet is attracted to metal objects.

The way we think is related to the way we talk and use words. Speaking in a particular language activates various centers in our brains and becomes part of our memories and thought processes. Using English as a business language helps people to understand the same perspectives and values that made America an economic powerhouse. Ease of communication speeds up the transference of knowledge, ideas and collaboration with other entities and countries. The commonality of language can encourage higher business theory development and marketing effectiveness.

Cavaliere, F., Glasscock, K. & Sen, K. (2014). The englishization of business: does this help or hinder teaching global business? Education, 135 (2). 

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