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The Implementation of Critical Thinking Skills in Business Education

Research by Anderson and Reid (2013), delve into the issue of developing critical thinking skills among college students. These skills are particularly important for college of business graduates who may someday need to develop and implement their own strategies.   Such skills are also important in their daily lives as they make the hundreds of miniscule decisions that lead to career success.  Critical thinking can be defined as the use of cognitive skills or strategies that increase the likelihood of positive outcomes (Halpem, 1998). It may also be defined as the knowledge, skills and strategies that improve rational decision making, problem solving and improve creativity (Reid, 2009). Such skills afford people the opportunity think about the factors that go into making a decision and finding more rational conclusions.  A 2008 report of business colleges found that 87% had no critical thinking components (Devore, 2008). Likewise, business managers were also disappointed i