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19 Crimes Wine-Wine with a History

19 Crimes is an Australian red wine that tastes of licorice, fruits, and vanilla. The brand is labeled after the historical development of colonies in Australia. It is a label associated with the experience of being accused and being sent to work camps from England. It is an Australian wine and imported to the U.S. in Napa Valley. The taste is relatively light, fruity by nature, and does not have a large tannin aftertaste.  The name is interesting in that it represents how Australia started and gives honor to all those who are falsely accused.   There were 19 crimes that could get you sent from England to the Australian work camps that eventually turned into colonies. At this time in history an unfair suspicion could land you in a work camp for decades. Young children barely in their teens were sentenced for life for stealing something as simple as what we might consider candy or being born into the wrong ethnicity.  The wine name after John Boyle O'Reilly comes with