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Burritos or Bust? Eating Mexican and Eating Healthy

Burritos are one of America’s favorite foods and are part of our Mexican-American heritage . So popular , we spend $39 billion a year at 54,000 Mexican restaurants (2). The style of food is served in multiple venues like fast-food or gourmet . One can order a burrito with almost anything on it , making it versatile for different palates . Buyers beware as most restaurants serve their tasty burritos loaded with calories and saturated fat . The typical burrito contains rice, beans , meat and sour cream that calculates to over 1,000 calories and 14-18 grams of saturated fat (2). A vegetarian one I tried a few months ago had over 1200 calories. With such high calorie and saturated fat count , fitness minded people should concern themselves with the type and kind of burrito they are ordering . Last weekend I went out to eat with family and friends to a local Mexican establishment known for its vegan and vegetarian