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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Call for Papers: Second 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Harvard

Date: March 8-10, 2015

The theme of the Second 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Harvard is Teaching, Learning, and Research in the "Just Google It" Age. We encourage submissions that approach this theme from a variety of perspectives under three major topic tracks: (1) teaching and learning in the 21st century and (2) creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship and (3) academic research for the 21st century. Please visit our website for detailed topic track lists.

Objective: The primary aim of the conference is to bring together an international group of researchers and practitioners to encourage and support the development of a new framework for better understanding the dynamic and interconnected nature of education, research, business, and life in the age of ubiquitous statement "just Google It."

Ways of Participating:

- Oral Presentation: 25 minutes
- Poster Presentation: 3 hours (held on March 9th from the a.m. coffee break through lunch)
- Absentee Presentation: For those who are unable to join us at Harvard, we offer you the opportunity to participate as an Absentee Presenter. Absentee Presenters can: upload their narrated PPT to our website, have their abstract printed in the Conference Program Book, and have their paper published in the Conference Proceedings
- Non-Presenter (Listener): For those interested in attending to participate in the various presentation sessions.

Paper Publication Opportunities:

All papers that meet the 21st Century Academic Forum's Conference Proceedings requirements will be published in our online Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 2330-1236). Papers must be submitted for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings by June 8, 2015. We purposely set the deadline for papers three months following the conference with the rationale that authors should use the feedback they receive at the conference in crafting their final drafts of their paper.

The Conference Proceedings will be published on September 7, 2015. The Conference Proceedings editorial board in turn works with the editors of our three peer-reviewed journals to select papers for possible publication in one of our three online peer-reviewed journals listed below.

- The International Journal of 21st Century Education (ISSN: 2330-1244)
- The International Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ISSN: 2333-9659)
- Journal of Language Learning and Teaching for the 21st Century (ISSN: 2333-9640)

Abstract Submission:

Submission of your abstract proposal(s) should be made in English through our Online Submission System until the final deadline of February 14, 2015. The Conference Committee reviews abstract proposals on a rolling basis and authors will typically receive a decision within two weeks of your submission.