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Cafe Calabria - Just a bit of everything!

Café Calabria is one of those interesting establishments that has just about everything you want in the same place. During the morning, they serve breakfast, coffee in the day and evenings, and it transforms into a pizza parlor at night. With the large selection of different times for different tastes, it is doubtful that you will become bored anytime soon.  Beside the large selection of wine, they also have a wood burning pizza stove. Wood burning stoves create a much better product than gas stoves. Like the French oven, it affords an opportunity to smoke as well as cook your food. It is hard to find this type of cooking artisanship in today’s world.  The establishment has been ranked twice as some of the best coffee in San Diego. You can find that a wide assortment of coffees, lattes, teas and other drinks. If you are looking for something with a little zing in it, you can always try out some of the wine they carry on the rack.  Most importantly, the café has a s