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Migration of Labor Skills as a Function of Opportunity

Labor is an important component of economic development. Employers need skilled labor to produce new products and lower skilled labor to fulfill standard functions. When areas gain or lose their workforce it has a natural impact on the economic strength of that area. Research by Son and Noja, 2013) delves into labor’s economic contributions as well as the influx/outflux of human capital in new EU countries. The general findings can be applied to other areas and highlight the need to match skills to the market.  When surplus labor exists, the unemployment rate will be higher. In this study, the labor was broken into low and high skilled labor for analysis. Higher unemployment causes an outflux of individuals seeking opportunities in other geographic locations where jobs are plentiful. This is a natural cause of opportunity matching skills to create an employment opportunity.  Those that update their skills and find new types of employment (labor shift) may more easily find f