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Biology and Personality Influence Communication Styles

The authors Waldherr and Muck (2011) discuss how biology and personality contribute to communication behavior. They advocate embedding language into the Five-Factor Theory to better assess language as a characteristic adaptation to personality. The arguments put forward in their literary research lean more heavily on personality as a key factor that has two major running themes.  Communication is a circular process as each of the actors is both the communicator and the recipient at various times during a discussion (Schramm, 1954).   Each person encodes, interprets and decodes messages differently making the communication process unique. Most of this process is internal to the individual and cannot be easily evaluated. Focusing on verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal language cues can help in evaluating communication patterns.  Communication is seen as a reoccurring behavioral pattern that is personality based. It is expressed in varying ways in different situations to achieve