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San Diego Science Festival Draws Interested Crowds

Hosted at Petco Park from March 15 th to the 22 nd science lovers of all ages made their way down to the park to learn about science and learning. The event was free and drew thousands of adults and children who learned about the world through organizations such as NASA. A variety of themes were offered that included life sciences, astronomy, aquatic, biology, technology, and more.  The reptile exhibit seemed to draw some of the largest crowds. People rallied around the stage to hear about the various reptiles, their features, and how they lived in their environments. The presenter provided a live reptile for the audience to ponder.  The nation suffers from a lack of scientists and jobs that employ those scientists. Many jobs require analytical and research capabilities even when they are not specifically hired as such. Introducing young people to STEM allows for a greater social awareness and expectation that such learning is a necessary part of being an adult. Maki