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Tips for Finding and Selecting Research Problems

  Research problems can be difficult to find and evaluate for investigation. Doctoral students who seek to work on a dissertation often look to seasoned researchers to help them narrow their problem into a specific thesis statement that can be applied to the research process. Even seasoned researchers often can find it difficult to find topics of interest. In either event all research starts with a recognition of a problem and then the exploration of the problem. Recognition of a problem occurs when the problem enters our awareness. Sometimes it can be as simple as thinking about a topic your interested in and finding a problem through discovery. It is important to remember that easy to find research problems often already have existing research or are too broad to be of any good. Many researchers spend years to find a sold research problem. When you are getting into the specifics you won't know what the problem is unless you have looked at all the other research out there

Demystifing APA and MLA Styles

Dr. Andree Swanson, EdD and Chris Crites, MBA So, you have to write a paper and you were told that it must be in MLA format. Did some of these thoughts enter into your mind? What the heck is MLA format? I remember using some sort of style back in high school, but that was ages ago! At the college I attended everything was in APA style. I vaguely remember MLA Oh yes, that’s where you use footnotes, right? Although this is a comparison of the two styles, ultimately, the decision on whether to use MLA or APA style is up to the University or College that you are attending.   MLA vs. APA  Scholars need to lead his or her reader as close to the information as a possible.   The research should be current, typically within the last five years.   As you can imagine in the field of business, engineering, and health care administration, information that is 20 years old would be of little or no use.   The one exception would be historical or literature reviews.   The