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Single Assessments in Business Colleges May Not be Telling the Whole Story

Education is a process that helps students widen their understanding of their fields of study as well as the world around them. The problem is that many colleges may not be aware of whether their students are actually learning. As colleges seek to improve learning assessment in light of budget difficulties they are seeking ways of assessing learning. However, such assessments may actually fail in their overall ability to determine higher levels of student learning. A single method of assessment may not actually be telling the whole story.  Teaching is an important component of any quality of education. Through this understanding we see that all universities should continuously improve upon their teaching methods as much as possible. A study by Pritchard, Saccucci, and Potter in 2010 helps highlight how one AACSB accredited school improved upon their teaching practices by focusing closely on their mission statement.  The mission statement is the main guide by which all othe