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Emotion and Reason as Processes of Decision Making

There has been considerable discussion on emotion and rationality in the workplace. Some have argued that emotionality should always be second to rationality. Yet emotionality allows an opportunity to make quick responses while rationality is a process of reflection that leads to more exact outcomes. Both processes can work together to create accuracy and motivation in way that neither can do alone.  There are two types of cognitive abilities one of which is related to quick reaction that does not require processing and the other a slower and more reflective process (Kahneman and Frederick, 2002). These are often seen as process 1 and process 2. Process 1 includes quick and automatic determinations like facial recognition while process 2 is more analytical like reflecting on math problems.  These two processes impact one’s ability to respond to situations and events within our lives. Generally, those with emotional intelligence can delay the “knee jerk” reactions of proces