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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Positive Outlook and Proactivity Leads to Positive Business Outcomes

There is nothing wrong with a little optimism in your life; especially if that positive outlook ends with good things. Optimism can lead to promotion through positive interactions with others and a willingness to handle workplace challenges using a level of grace. When you are positive you are less likely to wait for problems to raise their head making you more proactive in handling issues. The very way in which we view the world may determine what type of fruit we can pick from it. 

When one is reasonably optimistic about life they have something called a positive orientation. Positive orientation is a basic disposition to view life and experiences from a positive disposition that leads to higher self-esteem (Alessandri, et. al. 2012). A positive orientation leads to higher in-role job performance and self-evaluations. 

Those who view life positively outperform pessimists within the workplace. They not only attract people to their cause but were also able to whether the daily grind better than others. A positive outlook adds up to higher levels of performance over time through many smaller actions. 

Having a positive outlook also creates greater connectivity and influence in one’s environment. Networking ability, interpersonal influence, and social astuteness mediated relationships between proactive personality and in-role performance (Shi, et. al. 2011). People who have confidence in engaging others and their personality are more likely to accomplish their career goals. 

Having a positive outlook is more than simple positive psychological outlook and can have real benefits for your career and life. Positive people are easy to like and more able to influence others around them. They have more confidence with problems that arise and are more likely to tackle problems that haven’t arisen yet. Proactive and positive outlook on life adds up to a great career. 

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