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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life is a Beach-Let's Live Like It!

Life is full of stressors includes family, work, finance, health, or any other sphere of our existence. We know that life is a “beach” but we can learn to roll with the punches and work our way through challenges in ways that are easy and less stressful. Living like you're on a coast beach will help you maintain focus and let the stress melt away.

Stress is part mental and part physiological. Sometimes you can conquer both by changing your perspective. One party may be psychological but the other part has  more to do with how you eat, sleep and take care of yourself. We can go through life like people who are on some tropical beach eating kale, jogging down the pier, and drinking freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

The first skill we should learn is to live in the moment by focusing on what is front of you now. Even though you make plans to obtain your goals and get the things you need out of life you should focus each day on that day. Living in the present will help reduce any worries or considerations that might eat at you.

Eating right will help your body stay at its peak performance which helps reduce long-term stress and raise energy levels. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and the like are helpful in giving you energy and increasing your outlook on life. You won’t get that “heavy” feeling after eating a bowl of macaroni & cheese.

Exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Physical fitness and outdoor activities have a natural way of getting you relaxed. Find some hobbies and sports that get you in shape while getting you connected with nature. The more you take care of your physical needs the better off you will feel. You will also look better as well.

Stress management is a habit that integrates into your daily life. It is the way we think about life, how we live our life, and what we spend our time on. A few good habits practiced in one area can lead to many higher levels of habits in other areas. As you begin to reap the rewards of a happy beach mentality you will also come to put the rest of life in proper perspective. Our way of viewing the world is one important predictor of success.