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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Buying Handmade American Shoes-Is There Such a Thing?

Minnetonka is a uniquely American shoe manufacturer that has grown from gift shops distribution to selling products in over 50 countries. Fusing Native American traditions with modern design they are able to create branded designs by hand. Few companies in the U.S. make much by hand anymore but Minnetonka has found a way to keep traditions alive while providing a superior product at a middle price bracket. 

Walking through the Old Town area I tried on a pair of casual dress shoes for work and found them to be of high quality and of very comfortable. I made a mental note of the company and searched them out online. After a little research I made a purchase and have been satisfied with that purchase making it more likely I will purchase again in the future. 

If you walk a lot having the right shoes is important. According to a posting in the NY Times blog the average American takes less steps than other nations; something akin to 5,000 versus 8,000 (1).  Health officials desire us to take up to 10,000 steps a day to keep ourselves in great shape and protect us from health issues. Having the right kind of shoes to protect your feet will encourage you to walk casually more often.

They want style, comfort, and price. The shoes do not out price the average American and offer a trendy alternative to over priced products found in many malls throughout the country. It should be remembered that price and quality are not always the same thing and each shoe design should be judged by its own merits. Brands like Minnetonka are built around their unique American heritage and high quality product.