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Attracting SME Adventure-Venture Capitalism to Delta County (Escanaba & Gladstone) Through Neuroeconomics

Delta County and Escanaba/Gladstone are relatively small towns nestled on the coast of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Covid-19 will eventually work its way out of the danger zone and many local businesses will be looking for ways to rejuvenate the local economy. Some may not open again so we will need new strategies to bring back jobs and further prosperity in a way that hedges the best local assets. We can continue our current slow decades long decline or we can master the Digital Economy and our natural strengths to create something new and more sustainable. That will require courage of local business owners, governments, and stakeholders. Instead of shying away from the modern world lets jump two feet forward and find a strategy that will allow our children and grand children live the lives we always intended them to.  Innovation occurs through sharing ideas so feel free to share this article with those who might have interest. Rugged rural location with just enough civilizat