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To Ping or Not Ping Your Small Business Website

Driving traffic to a website is a process of learning and experimentation. The marketing industry is always changing and even though online advertising is starting to take preference there is plenty of room for those who know how to advertise online in short order. For small businesses that don’t have oodles of dollars to market their products then knowing how to market your business on a shoestring becomes important.  Pinging was once a great way to attract new visitors before there was hundreds of millions of websites. It still holds some benefits for letting search engines, aggregators and other auto update functions to know that you have updated your site. Pinging notifies these services to come and crawl your website to index your site faster.  The downside to pinging is that it takes effort to ping the services every time you update your page or site. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it either. If you update regularly try pinging once every 1-3 days but don’t go