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Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 Asia-Pacific Business Conference

November 27th to 29th 2014

Perth, WA, Australia
The conference aims to bring together worldwide academics, researchers & policy-makers to discuss ongoing research on FTAs and Regional Integration in East Asia. All accepted papers will be published by Springer in its Series in Business & Economics.

With the recent financial and economic crisis, globalization and regional economic integration has become again the focus of intense global interest and debate. Led by the rapidly growing Chinese economy, the East Asian region is forging closer economic ties than ever before, and remains the most dynamic region in the world. It is believed that open regionalism can contribute substantially to enhanced productivity and economic growth, and to poverty reduction, within the region. The emerging trilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiation between China, Japan and South Korea provides new evidence of ongoing Asian economic integration. Given the economic size of the three countries and their respective shares in the global trade system, the social, economic, environmental and cultural implications of such an economic integration in the East Asian region would have an enormous impact world-wide.