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Human Potential and Excitability as it Relates to Gender

Understanding higher development is important for strengthening the connections in performance for employees, students, and professionals. The ability to recognize these potentials at a younger age is important for grooming and development. Educators often assume there are sex differences in the types of excitable potentials but research by Wirthwein, L. et. al. (2011) helps us understand this may not be the case. The concept of overexitability (OE) was proposed by Debrowski with his theory of positive disintegration. Without OE gifted individuals cannot develop beyond the average level.   He defined it as, “ overall developmental potential is composed of specific talents, abilities, intelligence and OEs. OE is understood as a biologically rooted super sensitivity or over-reaction to external as well as internal stimuli ” (Ackerman, 2009). Others have defined it as “ modes of enhanced mental functioning (Piechowski & Colangelo, 1984). As a person experiences internal s