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Social Sciences Relate to Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is basically studying the way people behave in organizations.   These organizations exist in many different fields of social science.   What are those fields?   1) Psychology, 2) Sociology, 3) Anthropology, 4) Economics, 5) Education, 6) Human Geography, and 7) Political Science.   Edgar Schein created a model for organizational behavior.   By using this model, leaders can understand the three elements of an organization, artifacts, values, and assumptions.   For example, a leader may try to change the underlying assumptions of an organization.     Artifacts are the tangible items that people can observe.   " Artifacts can be dress codes, furniture, art, work climate, stories, work processes, organizational structures etc. (Schein, 1992).   Values are those that are expressed by the leadership of the organization.   The values of the organization can be the mission, the goals, and the philosophies of the company (Schein, 1992).   " Assumpti