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The Benefits of Mobile Online Military Training

Our military can be called to any place on the earth within a few minutes notice . They leave behind their lives to trek across the globe to protect American interests . With online military training service members can continue to advance their military careers from anyplace and at any time to ensure they continue to be the most advanced armed force in the world . According to a 2011 pamphlet issued by Department of the Army,” The U.S. Army’s competitive advantage directly relates to its capacity to learn faster and adapt more quickly than its adversaries . In the highly competitive global learning environment where technology provides all players to nearly ubiquitous access to information , the Army cannot risk failure through complacency , lack of imagination , or resistance to change (p. 5).” This learning must be as mobile as the military itself , or the force will not be its best when needed . Onl

Encouraging Stronger Leadership with the ALDS Program

Military training principles are often used in both the military and corporate world to varying degrees of success. They are intense programs designed to test the very nature and central identity of individuals. Lt. Colonel Beurskens discusses the nature and benefit of the 2013 Army Leader Development Strategy (ALDS) that develops critical and creative thinking that solves problems.  ALDS uses training, experience, and education to create operational, institutional, and developmental spheres of leadership enhancement. Programs offer opportunities to blur the lines between these three spheres to develop something stronger.  In 2010 the U.S. Army Combined Armed Center tested the success of the program to develop captains that have technical, tactical, knowledge, and skills to lead company size units and work within battalions and brigade staffs.  They found that there is no substitute for a high quality leader in small group functions. Likewise, curriculum must be upda