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Honoring the Past at Mount Soledad

Mount Soledad Memorial was built to encourage people to remember the contributions soldiers and our military have made to our nation.  The site hosts over 3,300 plaques of veterans ranging from Medal of Honor winners and presidents all the way down to names few would recognize. No matter their rank each one served their country in their own way and was placed upon Mount Soledad for future generations to ponder over their stories.  It is possible to become a member of their organization ranging from $40 to $1,000. By supporting the site it will ensure that honor has been given to both the fallen and the living. Even if you cannot afford to pay it is possible to support through volunteering or associated activities. The association is seeking those who can answer visitor questions, maintain the area, put on events or do administrative work.  Those who run organizations and clubs may be interested in scheduling a speaker. The speaker will talk about the memorial, some of its