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Pictures of Leo Carrillo Ranch

Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park is located in Carlsbad California and was once home to the actor Leo Carrillo. It is a 27 acre well manicured location that has been restored to its original beauty. One can find various plant life, flowers, old fashion buildings, and much more that represents the early settlers and history of California.  You will not want to miss the peacocks and groove on the property. Leo Carrillo was from a long line of California notables. He was an actor and civil servant that spent a great many years doing both.  Born in 1881 and died in 1961 he spent a great amount of time as a conservationist that tried to protect the land. He was part of the California Beach and Parks Commission. It is open most days of the week and is free for visitors. Free does not mean that it is not in need of funds, donations, and support. You may want to view and contact the Friends of Carillo organization to see how you may help at their website or the City of Carlsbad websi

Honoring the Past at Mount Soledad

Mount Soledad Memorial was built to encourage people to remember the contributions soldiers and our military have made to our nation.  The site hosts over 3,300 plaques of veterans ranging from Medal of Honor winners and presidents all the way down to names few would recognize. No matter their rank each one served their country in their own way and was placed upon Mount Soledad for future generations to ponder over their stories.  It is possible to become a member of their organization ranging from $40 to $1,000. By supporting the site it will ensure that honor has been given to both the fallen and the living. Even if you cannot afford to pay it is possible to support through volunteering or associated activities. The association is seeking those who can answer visitor questions, maintain the area, put on events or do administrative work.  Those who run organizations and clubs may be interested in scheduling a speaker. The speaker will talk about the memorial, some of its

The Mythical History of Fort East Martello in Key West Florida

If you are in search of a historical get-a-way with a little bit of mystery you might want to visit Fort East Martello in Key West Florida. The old fort is located right next to the airport so you cannot miss it on either your way in or your way out.   It is both educational and thought provoking. Families can enjoy teaching their children about the history of the Civil War as well as the freakish nature of the Chucky Doll. If this hasn’t scared them into your arms then you might want to read some of the spooky letters of customers who did not believe!  During the civil war Fort East Martello was designed as additional protection for the Key West Island. Construction began in 1862 but was halted and eventually abandoned by the U.S. Army at the end of the Civil War. Not a single battle was won or fought in the West Keys region throughout the entire era of this conflict. It remained a place of teenage fun and partying until the Historical Society adopted the fort in the 1950s