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Kenpo: Using Anvil to Clear your Wrists

An opponent may attempt to grab your wrists to thwart resistance and force you in a direction of their choosing. They do so to pull you into a car, house, or other area you may not want to go. Understanding a few basic moves such as the Anvil and modified Anvil will help to keep your wrists clear and your options open.  The purpose of the Anvil moves is to clear your wrists and strike the opponent thereby turning their attack into your counter-attack. During the wrist pull out it is necessary to use some force with a twist to loosen the grip and create a release. Try and pull out through the thumbs which are much weaker when compared to the other digits on the opponent’s hands.  The front snap kick in the Anvil should be either to the stomach or groin. A proper kick to the groin will immobilize the opponent quickly leaving enough time to get away. While using the modified Anvil you should consider hitting the solar plexus to knock the wind out of your opponent leaving them