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Scientists Invent the Thinking Microprocessor

Scientists from the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich and partners in Germany and the U.S. have developed a microchip that processes much like the human brain. Unlike clunky predecessors that react only to environmental stimuli these new chips use neurons that will use analytic abilities, decision-making capabilities, as well as short-term memories to react to their environment in real time.  The key to this discovering is that it can take sensations from the environment like humans and process them to make quick paced decisions. As the machine picks up on environmental cues it is capable of processing the multiple sensations to make meaning out of these cues and in term devise a type of strategy and change or adjust its course of action. It works fundamentally the say way the human brain works.  The science of neuroinformatics typically seeks to recreate artificial bundles of nerves on supercomputers in an attempt to determine how information is processed in much the same