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Wine Review: Santa Rita's 2009 120 Merlot

Sweet and wet Santa Rita’s 2009 120 Merlot has little tannin aftertaste due to its warm climate. High pitched berry aroma with a taste of ripe grapes, strawberries and perhaps just a touch of plumb. The vanilla taste from oak barrels is present. The color is dark ruby-purple red.   It is perfect for those who do not like acidity or a major kick in their wine drinking. It is an everyday table wine at a price of half the other brands.     The wine comes from Chile's Central Valley that hosts everything from the common wine to some of the more expensive types. Soil types are warm and dry and raise the quality of the grapes ( 1 ). Some of the world’s best wines come from this area.  This wine is a strong choice for everyday meals. At a price of under $10, the quality and taste have significant value. It is beneficial to purchase this wine for casual dining or family meals. You may consider it for a social get together. Since it has a hard body but light taste, it is cons