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Burger King Changes Strategy and Realizes 37% Revenue Increase

Burger King moves through a strategic transformation and earns big bucks while increasing customer satisfaction. The fast food giant that has 13,600 restaurants in 90 countries earning 66.8 million in the last quarter compared to $48.6 million in the same period last year ( 1 ). That is a 37% increase in revenue while their competitors have declined a few percentage points. According to a statement by Burger King’s CEO Daniel Schwartz, “ We completed our global refranchising initiative, fundamentally transforming our business model and putting restaurant operations into the hands of our experienced franchisees ( 2 )”. They focused on creating greater brand awareness in the global economy, revamping some of their products, and opened 670 new restaurants in three international regions ( 3 ). It is possible to see the changes in the factors of strategic revamping, healthier offerings, and global expansion Strategic Revamping: Burger King’s movement from a centralized