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Creating Lasting Change Using Organizational Strategy

A successful organizational strategy requires the fundamental changing of behavioral patterns and economic structure to meet environmental needs. Executives have developed the ability to adjust policies & procedures, communicate their needs, and implement strategic approaches but often fail to understand the cultural significance of employee thought patterns in achieving their results. It is the agreement of employees and their ability to understand the economic rules of their organizations that will determine how successful the company will become.  By understanding what motivates employees to perform, encourage proper behavior through satisfaction, and helps them find solutions to problems through innovation an organization create a more efficient system that can compete effectively in the market. Each organization is a socio-economic hub that maintains cultural vantage points that will determine either its success or its failure through specific employee behaviors. 

Conflict Modeling: Predicting and Resolving International Conflict

The Meeting of Leo the Great and Attila Raphael 1531 Painting All for Love! Actual Event 452 More at  Medievalists Conflict models are often used successfully in the workplace, labor relations, and on an international scale to understand conflict. Such models focus on the prediction and resolution of conflict in order to reduce its devastating impact. In international affairs these models help to frame a greater understanding of the components that influence the decisions which lead to conflict and war. The following article will discuss current and possible future models of conflict prediction. Modeling conflict often takes a theoretical and a mathematical approach. Once the theoretical components have been found they are written into mathematical models. Such models use regression analysis and other statistical approaches to predict when and where conflicts will occur. The more accurate the model is the more likely it will be able to validly predict potential conflict before erupti