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Book Review: Stats and Curiosities: From Harvard Business Review

If you ever took a college course on stats you are likely to recall counting ceiling tiles as more exciting. However, stats can provide all types of useful and interesting information that can spark the imagination. Within the book Stats and Curiosities you will learn about the human brain, business behavior, health, gender relations, and the economy. It provides tid bits of knowledge and insight into some of the most common things we do but have no idea were doing them.  Did you know that 19% of high status people believe that others smile at them more? It may not actually be true but how people view themselves has an impact on what they see in the environment. Even more interesting powerful people actually believe they are 6 inches taller.   None of it may be true but it seems to pay psychologically to think yourself high status and powerful. Of course some statistics have large implications for business. Thirty percent of financial professionals feel pressure to either vio

Book Review: Unconscious Branding by Douglas van Praet

Modern marketing entails the embedded secrets of unconscious branding. The book Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and inspire) Marketing by Douglas van Praet delves into the influences of the unconscious on human behavior and marketing effectiveness. The understanding of neuroscience explains how feelings lead to choices that that result in product sales. Advertisers and product designers spend billions of dollars every year on creating the right advertising mix to lure potential buyers to their products. Hidden desires and needs seem to drive much of human behavior even though we are often unaware of why we are purchasing products or how it enhances our self-perception. Yet these unconscious forces are pulling us to fulfill these undiscovered needs from morning until evening….perhaps even beyond.  When Freud discovered his sense of the unconscious, it had a vast effect on the climate of the times. Now we are discovering a more accurate vision of the unc