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Developing Sustainable Marketing to Foster Societal Development

Sustainable marketing is an activity that supports sustainable economic growth. That leaves open the question of what sustainable growth is. To some it may focus on wealth generation while to others it is societal development. Of course, this doesn’t do much if that wealth only makes its way into a few hands. Sustainable marketing and sustainable growth must therefore include concepts of greater system development that makes its way throughout the societal networks to raise the status of all members. A paper by Shelby Hunt helps describe two theories of economics that focus on creating sustainable systems.  Sustainable economic growth can be seen as improvements in the ecological (environment), social (equity), and financial (economic) arenas (Savitz & Weber, 2006). A collapse or deficiency in anyone of these areas can impact the trajectory of growth. For example, an ecological collapse based upon pollution could lower life expectancy, human growth, and raise costs. Likew