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The Responsibility of Protecting America’s Data

American’s have lots of data in cyber world and if one had access to all of the Internet searches, purchases, phone calls, household information, text, emails, and databases there would be a solid consumer profile on just about anyone. Large databases stored in corporations and government offices are attractive because of their wealth of information. Protecting data has emerged as a top initiative. The problem is that this data is not useless and contains an abundance of sensitive financial and personal information. Data that is not important in isolation can be worth much more when combined with other large databases. Cross analysis can create all types of connections among behaviors and information. Businesses have a responsibility to protect data against foreign governments, corporations, or individuals that seek to exploit this information for their own interests. Consumers expect their data to be protected from misuse and to be secure. This is even more so when they don’t

Strategic Decision: The Difference between Data and Good Judgment

Strategic decision making can encourage you to stronger better paths to achieve important goals. When decisions are well thought out they can help you get closer to where you want to be while using much less effort. Understanding the difference between data and the interpretation of that data helps in seeing and then figuring out the choices that lead down varying paths. A few tips may help you think through options and make more accurate choices that help you improving business and career outcomes. Understanding the data and thinking through the options affords an opportunity to create critical thinking. Critical thinking can be defined as the objective analysis of information and options that leads to a decisive conclusion. To do this well requires that ability to see the possibilities and pick the ones that are not only most likely but also help you achieve your goals.   Step 1: Define Your Goals: Knowing your goals and what you want to accomplish might be the hardest pa