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Lighthouses and Lamplighters in Commerce

The Lamp Lighter by Murad Abel Lighthouses are part of the naval and seafaring beginnings of our great nation. Sea travel is an important method of transferring goods and information. Lighthouse were part of the infrastructure that ensured ships could safely make their way around dangerous points and into harbors. Without the lighthouses more ships and goods would be lost costing the early American economy greatly. Military and civilian ships were often at danger from foreign influence, pirates and nature. Of the most damaging was Mother Nature with her ability to lead ships into rocks, disoriented plotted courses, and conjure bow crushing storms. Lighthouses provided guidance and protection for ships to help them navigate channels and hazards. Lighthouses maintained the job of reducing overall cost and expenses of shipping. When ships are lost the economy slows down. Back in the day lives could be lost and people would not receive needed supplies. The lighthouse helped to ens