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Middle Class Anxiety? A Factor of Employment and Savings

The middle class is the backbone of American society. It is a large slice of American pie that builds our cars, delivers our products, and sells us our next gadget. Like other classes, the middle class has their own concerns and fears over employment opportunities and the ability to put money away for the future.  Helping them transition to the new economy can go a long way in saving people from pending grief. According to a Pew survey 47% feel they are solidly middle class, 11% upper middle class, and 29% lower middle class (As cited in Novak, 2015). Only 1% considers themselves upper class while 10% viewed themselves lower class. Entry into middle class is still an important part of the American dream and forms our class consciousness. Without doubt the world is changing and jobs will change with it. A person in the middle class, earns around 30K to 100K per year based upon the state, obtains a college degree or trade certificate and can normally find gainful employmen

Video on Middle Class Employment Difficulties

The video helps highlight the concept that Americans need opportunities to succeed. These opportunities come from both the gaining of skills to compete on the global market but also the businesses that create opportunities to put these skills to good use. The recession has hurt many middle class Americans and through new efforts and pushes for development Americans can regain leading market positions. 8 million + jobs were lost during this period. The video helps in explaining the difficulty middle class Americans faced.