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Book Review: Negotiation Success-Tips

Conflict is a natural part of life and those who handle conflict well are going to do better than others. There should be a distinction between conflict and unethical behavior which perpetuates conflict when improper information doesn’t lead to a more steadfast middle ground. The book Negotiating Success by Jim Hornickel delves into successful negotiating tactics that dissolve conflict and build report.  All conflict should be based in RESPECT that add to positive possibilities. At times it is not possible to get both sides to act in truthful and a respectful manner. This may be the time to end the negotiations, lead them down a new path, or ensure that the greatest benefit is the most likely outcome.  Responsiveness: Negotiations entail a series of exchanges and being responsive to those exchanges while not losing sight of the bigger outcome is important. When communication is one sided it means that only one side is exchanging information which leads to a slant on th