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Looking Professional by Saving Your Quality Work Shoes

A high quality suit speaks volumes about professionalism but what about shoes? Dress clothing gives the right first impression that can impact your image for a long time. The right tie, shirt, and suit is one level of dressing well but additional attention to detail makes all the difference. Anyone can put on a suit but few consider the details of their accessories to create a total impression. Shoes get worn out, the heels wear down, and they need a little care to keep them fresh. Those with a discerning eye will see beyond the suit and evaluate the watch, shoes, and accessories to determine the sense of style and focus on detail of the person. People who dress up every once in a while don't often consider the smaller pieces that say a lot about an individual. Worn out shoes are one sign a person doesn't take their career or image seriously. Showing up to an important business meeting with scuffed or worn out shoes is in poor taste. You may not believe this but people will

Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Interviews are the gateway to landing a new job and all the perks that go with it. The interview is a primary selection tool hiring managers use to find the candidates they need. Dressing in your best business outfit and standing in front of a person, or persons, who are going to read into every word you say can be a nerve racking event. However, with a little preparation you can increase your chances and lower your anxiety. Preparation 1: Build a Strong Resume The best preparation for an interview is to ensure that your resume is accurate and reflective of your skills. Hiring managers use these resumes to determine which candidates they want to take the time to talk to and discuss potential positions. Having a strong resume will not only improve your chances of getting an interview but will also show how your skills are aligned to the job position. The resume should provide a snap shot of your experience with enough detail to provide insight into the nature of your work. The pos