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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The U.S. Ranks 17th in Math, Reading and Science

OECD has published popular findings in its world rankings of education. The study assessed math, reading and science skills across the globe. Approximately 450,000 15-year olds in 65 countries participated within the study.  The report is considered relevant and offers opportunities for policy makers and school administrators to adjust their actions to improve upon educational quality. 

According to the Market Oracle the U.S. has around 3.8 million job vacancies and 11.8 million people looking for work. A study by the ManPower Group indicates that 48% of employers are struggling to fill jobs because of lack of skills. Where there is a mismatch between skills and available jobs new training and education are necessary to improve the situation. 

When looking at the report you will find that 4 of the top 5 countries are Asian while only 1 is from Europe. When you look at the top 10 you will find European countries predominate between the 5th-10th ranking.  You might also be shocked that the U.S. is about 17th on its total ranking. 

It should be no wonder that emerging Asian countries have matched their education to their actual job skills the market needs. They focus more on the elemental aspects of reading, writing, and science in earlier education and then become increasingly complex in later classes. Likewise, soft skills such as teamwork and communication are not ignored. 

Education starts in the home and then moves into public school and finally through college. Some lucky students make their way into graduate and doctoral programs. Some might wonder if there is a need for families to develop the right skills in young students and encourage additional structure in their lives. Without a proper perspective students often move through and finish high school further behind the global and local market needs.