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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Employee Satisfaction and Motivation as Determinants in Competitiveness

Employee satisfaction and employee reward are associated concepts that work together to create a more competitive work environment. According to Radovanovic & Savic, "Today is the time of knowledge, creativity innovation and information" (2012). The research conducted helps show how motivation and satisfaction are connected in the minds of workers even though they are two separate constructs. Despite this difference they have some connecting traits focused primarily around the environment and the activities of managers.

A study conducted at a number of companies used employee survey questions that help highlight what encourages employees to be motivated and what creates satisfaction.

1.) What is the work climate in your company and how does it influence your motivation and satisfaction at work?
a) positive and stimulative for work and satisfaction 80%.
b) negative and not stimulative for development and satisfaction 20 %.

2.) What are the most frequent present factors of motivation and satisfaction for work in your company?
a) monetary compensation, 56%
b) the nature of the job 30%
c) career development 20%

3.) How much does praise affect motivation of employees for work and for their further development:
a) a lot 70%
b) a little 20%
c) not at all 10%

4.) Does the pronounced sanction for employee inactivity influence the performance in further work:
a) It does not, 70%.
b) It should, 20%
c) It does, 10%

5.) Is it necessary to establish work performance evaluation, as stimulating factor for work and development (occasionally,all the time):
a) Yes, 65%
b) No, 25%
c) Maybe, 10%

6.) How much is the company management obliged to deal with the issue of motivation of employees and their satisfaction?
a) Yes 95%
b) No 5%

7.) How much is the motivation of employees in your company influenced by: individual characteristics, job characteristics, and characteristics of the company?
a) individual characteristics, 40%
b) job characteristics, 30%
c) characteristics ofthe company, 30%

8.) How much is satisfaction of your employees influenced by reward, work atmosphere, colleagues at work and the job itself?
a) Reward 40 %
b) Work atmosphere 20 %
c) Colleagues at work 20 %
d) Job Itself 20%

The survey finds that the environment and how managers encourage workers is a large factor in creating motivation and satisfaction. Furthermore, the use of discipline doesn't detract from this environment. It is still necessary to offer appropriate levels of performance feedback and equitable rewards.

The researchers also suggests that strong human resource functions are very important in developing this environment. Employees adopt motivational systems through their perceptions and personal opinions from a stable system of beliefs that predispose them to behave in a certain manner. Using flexibility, innovation, and changes the organization can create the right mix for stronger global competition.

Radovanovic, V. & Savic, L. (2012). Motivation and job satisfaction-determinants of competitiveness. Metalurgia International, 17 (11).