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Free Trade Agreements and the Development of Super Hubs

Economic development is a major concern for regions and nations. Having a model to map how Free Trade Agreements work together is important for creating better policy. The authors Chong & Hur (2006) discuss how hub and spoke models can be used to see these relationships. They furthermore move into who receives the greatest economic advantage in such models under certain conditions. The information can be added into existing research on the dynamic value creation that occurs within economic hubs.  The far majority of regional trade agreements (RTA) are actually Free Trade Agreements (FTA) whereby tariffs, restrictions, quotas, and preferences on many of the products exchanged between two countries. When two countries seek to enhance their economic strength by mutually working together they may sign FTA agreements based on finding a chain of production. This may require the updating of technology to ensure that products are tracked.  The hub and spoke model (HAS) allow

Economic Development through a Cultural and Financial Lens

In the Hispanic villages of northern New Mexico a quest for the development of culturally appropriate and economically sustainable hubs has created new methodologies.   It was a push to move the villages from a colonial area design to something new and more progressive. The author Kristina Fisher (2008) discusses how business development and agricultural improvement can be fostered through non-profits.  The War on Poverty and The New Deal created much activity in the region but communities soon when back to their traditional ways of life.   Some questioned the logic of these programs and the ability to raise local Hispanic communities out of poverty. In 25 years since the non-profit Ganado del Velle was created it used the hub and spoke model to create interrelated economic development projects that led to higher levels of local development.  The model used incubation with hub and spoke model to develop the natural and cultural resources of the valley. Some of their works