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French Onion Soup with Fewer than 100 Calories

Increasing health requires eating right and engaging in regular fitness.   Food is one of the most important components to healthy living but is unfortunately often overlooked due to the significant personal investment of time and energy one has to make. As home cooking appears to be a dying skill across American kitchens many fitness enthusiasts are left unaware of what actually goes into their food. Learning to cook something simple like an onion soup with fewer than100 calories can make a huge difference in the long run.  Eating a dish with fewer than 100 calories is fairly rare. Consider the 215 calories in a cup of mashed potatoes or 350 for a cup of macaroni and cheese and you will begin to appreciate the additional benefits of healthy food. Augmenting your fitness goals with a hobby in cooking can improve upon multiple areas of your life. Many sports trainers say it is a requirement. Did you know that onions have many benefits that protect the body against diseases?