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The Dangers of Hacking-Is China Opening an Era of Cyber Warfare?

The cost of corporate hacking and cyber warfare is a growing problem that results in the loss of over a hundred billion dollars annually. It is difficult to measure the costs of hacking as many such attacks, and the impact are difficult to track.  The Recent theft of up to 4 million federal workers has raised concerns of government hacking and its potential impact on the nation. Cyber warfare and corporate theft are an attractive option because it doesn’t require a direct confrontation with any entity. In the Information Age, data is the primary transactional unit of understanding and getting things done. In many cases, information determines who has the upper hand in a conflict. Collecting mass amounts of data is not an innocent affair. If information obtained through cyber attacks is funnelled to the right people(s) and cross-examined for similarities, robust profiles of important people emerge. Profiles can include medical records, family members, spending habits, phone number