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Oasis Enrichment Models in Gifted Education

Some nations are seeking to develop their brightest and most talented for a stronger tomorrow.   Evaluating successful and unsuccessful gifted education programs help decision makers understand what works and what doesn’t work in progressive programs. Research by Aljughaiman & Ayoub (2013) evaluated an Oasis Enrichment Model in Saudi Arabia to determine whether or not it produced successes in fostering greater talent. An Oasis Enrichment Model rests on three premises in gifted development. It seeks to enhance their cognitive, emotional, and social needs to create higher performing students. To determine success they conducted a meta-analysis of 35 other programs. It helped compare, summarize, and correct findings to determine better estimates of variable relationships. There are many different types of enrichment programs that include excelled classes, full schools, pull-out programs, weekend programs, afternoon programs, boarding schools, summer camps and enhance in-